Digjam Limited – Legacy of Weaving Excellence!

DIGJAM Limited took off its journey in the worsted textile industry almost 6 decades ago at Jamnagar, Gujarat. Coming from the established and esteemed stable of      S K Birla Group, Digjam initiated its journey with same inherent group values and principles of integrity, commitment and customer-satisfaction. Today, it has garnered the respectable and solid stand in the clothing and fashion industry catering ever-growing demands of both domestic and international markets.

As the leading textile company of India, manufacturing suiting fabrics, Digjam has kept re-inventing itself keeping pace with the changing trends. With ultra-modern setup in the form of vertically integrated plant, Digjam's shining success roots from here. This modern citadel of technological excellence includes the state of the art production facilities specially imported from France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy to convert wool tops to finished fabrics through different processes of Dyeing, Spinning, Weaving and Finishing. If state of the art production facilities weave magic with fabric, then stringent quality checks at every stage adds sheen to the name Brand Digjam who shines bright with the highest quality. It's a proud fact that reflects in the prestigious ISO 9001 certification. To keep pace and move ahead, Digjam keeps expanding its production capacity as per the industry demands.

Andersen Consulting, a leading management and corporate advisors agency, undertook a major review of the operational parameters of our textile company. Following a thorough review of the operating and marketing practices, recommendations were made which now form the basis of our strategic marketing and manufacturing thrusts. The company has also initiated steps to strengthen its organization and inducted the youth and skills necessary to attain results from this strategic shift-cum-consolidation exercise.

DIGJAM has a high-end fabric brand presence in the domestic market, reputed for its finish and quality. The company manufactures over 3000 design-shade combinations each year in Light Wool, Polyester Wool and Woolen fabrics for the DIGJAM brand alone. Exceptional fabrics – a result of constant and deep research helps Digjam to catch varied design trends for discerning needs and keeps it future ready. In the new millennium, DIGJAM introduced super- premium fabrics designed by European experts (with whom we work regularly and extensively) comprising fine wool yarn of Super 150s and Super 120s and occasionally blended with exotic fibers like Silk or Cashmere.

The all round impact is visible with the influx of international, and domestic products and brand in formal wear. Indian customer has choice today, but we are determined to make and sustain our mark with fulfilling every single need.

In the future also, the DIGJAM brand will increasingly reflect both tradition and modernity in its positioning, product range and marketing approach. We intend to position the brand as the clear favorite for a wider, but demanding clientele with special emphasis on becoming the preferred premium choice for the youthful consumer. This segment offers a high potential in terms of market size and also presents a tougher challenge to us in terms of providing satisfaction. DIGJAM's superior product quality is at par with global standards and many of the world's best readymade brands use fabrics produced by us. A major proportion of our output is exported to USA, Europe, Middle East and Far East. This bodes well for our future as we see ourselves as one of the largest manufacturer of textiles from India.

Our marketing thrust will over time impact all facets of the brand's interface with consumers, including new product introductions, consumer promotions and the rich retail experience.

DIGJAM products and their ranges are available at its exclusive showrooms and over 4000 other retail outlets across the country.
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