Match them with your shoes; and always keep a set in brown and black to team with the color of your suit. A two-toned reversible belt with a neutral color buckle goes well with most ensembles.

A vital part of every man's wardrobe, the socks is often matched with the color of the trousers, and by the experimental ones with the color of the shirt. The combination of nylon and cotton is preferred by most men because of its unique quality to absorb moisture in a hot climate.

Cuff Links/Tie pins/Collar bar:
These items come in sets, although a collar bar is often available by itself. Cuff links in sober gold or silver should always be kept in stock. A tie clip or pin can be used to add a subtle touch of glitter to the sober business necktie.

A handkerchief or pocket square forms an integral part of the male wardrobe. It is generally placed in the breast pocket of the suit.

Pastels, as well as strong solid colors, are favored in pure cotton or silk. The traditional polka-dotted kerchief is flamboyant and needs to be carefully teamed with a solid colored suit